The Last Thing He Told Me


Name: The Last Thing He Told Me
By: Laura Dave
Narrated by: Rebecca Lowman
Length 8 hrs and 49 mins
Release Date: 2021-05-04
Language: English
In “The Last Thing He Told Me,” Laura Dave masterfully weaves a tale that combines elements of suspense, mystery, and family drama, all brought to life by the brilliant narration of Rebecca Lowman. This engrossing audiobook is sure to keep you on the edge, as you follow Laura and Bailey on their heart-stopping quest for the truth. Imagine finding a note from your husband, a simple message with three words that change everything: “Protect her.” This is how the gripping audiobook, “The Last Thing He Told Me,” begins, sweeping listeners into a rollercoaster of suspense, mystery, and family secrets. Rebecca Lowman’s skillful narration immerses you in the tale, her voice guiding you through the twists and turns of the complex narrative.

The story centers around Laura, who is married to Owen, an employee of a powerful tech company. One day, Owen disappears, leaving behind a troubling note that urges Laura to protect his teenage daughter, Bailey. The two women, previously at odds with each other, are suddenly thrown together as they try to make sense of Owen’s enigmatic message and his sudden absence. As Laura and Bailey investigate further into Owen’s past, they discover shocking truths that upend everything they thought they knew about him. Along the way, they’re introduced to a fascinating cast of secondary characters who play essential roles in uncovering the truth. From Owen’s colleagues to Bailey’s friends, each person they encounter adds a new layer to the unfolding mystery. Rebecca Lowman’s narration is a vital thread that ties the story together and that is what makes it different from Eight Hundred Grapes and Hello, Sunshine.

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