The Bridge Kingdom


Name: The Bridge Kingdom
By: Danielle L. Jensen
Narrated by: Lauren Fortgang, James Patrick Cronin
Length 11 hrs and 52 mins
Release Date: 2018-10-16
Language: English

As the story unravels, the dulcet tones of Lauren Fortgang and James Patrick Cronin deftly narrate the entwined destinies of Lara and her groom, King Aren, whose powerful presence is both a challenge and a temptation for the princess. With every twist, Fortgang and Cronin’s captivating voices transport listeners to a realm where alliances are tested, and passions flare like wildfire. The secondary characters in this richly imagined world breathe depth and complexity into the story, each with their own desires. From cunning advisors to courageous warriors, they add layers of intrigue and excitement to the plot, leaving listeners spellbound and eager for more. In the midst of this mesmerizing tale, Lauren Fortgang and James Patrick Cronin’s masterful narration effortlessly captures the intricate dance between love and war, loyalty and deception, ultimately revealing the heart of the Bridge Kingdom and the fate of those who dare to cross its threshold. Danielle L. Jensen has dished up Dark Shores and Warrior Witch for the audience too so it is up to you that which one you want to pick. First let the Bridge Kingdom sweep you off your feet, as it weaves a tale that dances between the shadows of intrigue and the light of love, creating a symphony of emotion that will resonate in your heart long after the final word. This is not the kind of story which would be difficult to understand by the new beginners because the words used are quite easy. Moreover there are not complex characters that would need time to understand.

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