Midnight Sun

Name: Midnight Sun
By: Stephenie Meyer
Narrated by: Jake Abel
Series: The Twilight Saga
Length 25 hrs and 49 mins
Category: Teen & Young Adult, Literature & Fiction
Release Date: 2020-08-03
Language: English

The characters of Midnight Sun are all unique in their own ways. Each character has their own story and background that makes them who they are.

I don’t know if Jake Abel is the voice of the Midnight Sun, but he is definitely an inspiration to me. I love his work in the Percy Jackson films and he is just an all around great guy.

People think that he is very cute and handsome.

People say that he is great in acting and is very pretty.

People love the way that he talks and his voice.

People think that he is a very cool and funny guy.

People think that he is a very talented actor. The video for the song ‘The Man Who Killed The Sun’ was played at the awards ceremony.

The Midnight Sun was formed in 2004 and has released two albums, Dreamers and The Fire In Your Eyes. The band has toured extensively throughout the UK, Europe and Asia and has supported such artists as The Rasmus, Takida and The Ark.

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