Life Reset: Hobnobbing


Name: Life Reset: Hobnobbing
By: Shemer Kuznits
Narrated by: Jeff Hays, Laurie Catherine Winkel, Annie Ellicott
Series: New Era Online
Length 15 hrs and 23 mins
Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Science Fiction
Release Date: 2019-05-31
Language: English

The book unfolds with Oren Berman, our principal character, being trapped within the online game New Era Online (NEO). A vindictive move by his guild members transforms him into a monster goblin, an unexpected occurrence that leaves him stranded in a new existence and bereft of the human privileges he once took for granted. He becomes Orin, a goblin, and it is under this guise that he forges his path through the game. In the midst of his transformation, Orin discovers his unique ability to evolve into a more powerful creature and gain other goblin-like creatures’ loyalty. He forms the GreenPiece tribe and, with unyielding resilience, works towards building a goblin civilization. His evolution as a leader sees him navigating trials and tribulations, battling enemies, and overcoming both external and internal obstacles, all while striving to maintain the equilibrium of his newly formed society. Various other characters bring depth to the narrative and serve pivotal roles in Orin’s journey. These include Ran, the stone-skin troll, Orin’s first recruit, whose loyalty and strength become indispensable to the tribe. Buzz, a bee-like creature, adds an interesting dynamic, serving as the tribe’s primary source of information. We also encounter Millie, the enchanting and smart fairy who provides magical assistance and invaluable guidance to Orin. As the story advances, Orin, the transformed goblin chieftain, enters into an alliance with the Forest Mother, an entity that reigns over the natural forces of the forest, further solidifying his powers. He also ventures into human territories, exploring diplomatic relations to fortify his stand against potential adversaries, which forms the crux of the ‘hobnobbing’. Through the climax, Orin’s strategic prowess, coupled with his evolved skills, sees the tribe through a grand battle against a formidable force. The narrative concludes on a note of satisfaction, leaving a few loose ends for exploration in the next installment of the series. Author Shemer Kuznits, the creative mind behind the story has developed Life Reset: Salvation and Life Reset: Human Resource which are the next parts of the same series. These tell about the struggle of the same character as he moves forward in this world.

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